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Caballero • Yamaha SR 125 '88

On a Honda SR 125 1988 frame, with its 4 stroke single-cylinder and its 12hp this 125cm3 presages a great city bike. The 5 gears are easily enough to saunter and stroll around the city centre. We chose a well known and accessible motorbike to carry out simple and efficient work to reproduce a townsman scrambler. The electrical beam, the cycle and mechanical parts were completely redone to get this project out of the Oilbro Motorcycles garage. 

The period line has been left behind to allow a bike for the modern times. The simple cradle frame has been laboured and painted to bring it into the trends of today. The 16 and 17 inch rims give this scrambler a pleasant high to allow you to face even the toughest of pavements.

1988 Yamaha SR 125 from Oilbro Motorcycles

The 70’s Caballero Fantic tank traded in stock exchange remains of the era. Its paint was original and it becomes the lead part of this scrambler.

The illusion is perfect, the stamped CABALLERO tank catchs your eye and the old connoisseurs tell us about their stories of the Fantic Caballero of the good old days at the corner of the road.

1988 Yamaha SR 125 from Oilbro Motorcycles

The original drilling adds extra charm to this project. The breaking controls are composed of two restored drum breaks that allow find its previous performance, once again.

The whole cockpit is very clean cut with black handlebars, the handles and the larry switch make the look simple and effective, enough to make even the most worked bikes in the carpark jealous.

The balance and orientation of the project becomes obvious during the placement of the extensions on the two rear shock absorbers of 78 mm of displacement. The relocation of the key switch near the right damper allows, in fact, to release the front post so that it retains all the sobriety it deserves.

1988 Yamaha SR 125 from Oilbro Motorcycles

The rear suspension high makes the riders position stay ideal for daily usage. The chosen foot rests make the riding even more likeable because they give you a sensation of security, which wasn’t delivered by the original ones. Soft and tired before, they are now firm and make you want to stand up at almost every speed bump.

The simplicity of the cockpit has been the recognisable branding of the Oilbro motorbikes. The accelerator handle with a short pull is in perfect balance with the engine required nervosity. The mirror is simple, just like the rest of the commands. The electric cables are entirely integrated in the handlebars and in the motors frame, to give it a sobre and refined look.

The cutting of the accelerator cable became one of the unknown complexe parts of the finishing of this project. To graft the TED speedometer onto the forks that are painted in the same colour as the frame to make the whole more pertinent than the original. We wanted a minimalistic and clean cockpit.

To keep the old school look and retain the scrambler spirit, the Pugh fork sleeves are effective elements and they also help to protect in the eventual case of damage to the forks while out driving.

The cutting of the original steel tubular frame as well as the reinforcement of the cycle part made it possible to add LEDs rear lights and indicators inside it. On this project, the entire electrical wiring has been installed under the custom-cut plate that serves as a mudguard for rainy days.

The original mechanics of the SR 125 still remains very reliable, even after several years. A quick trip to the ultrasonic tub and a complete new set of seals for the carburettor, allowed after a good adjustment, a simple restoration. Air filter in place, all you need to do now is to press on the starter button under the seat to start the bike.

1988 Yamaha SR 125 from Oilbro Motorcycles

The custom made exhaust line incorporating the silencer makes the line of the bike slightly more radical and the wheels get a pair of CST 45N tires in 3 and 17 inches for the front and a Heidenau in 3.25 this time in 16 inches for the back. These touches definitely create a Scrambler spirit for this Caballero.

As usual, the STUDIO ZE directs our projects, giving free rein to his imagination, Benoit Guerry places the Oilbro Motorcycles onto photo film.

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